Motley Crue had a special guest, R&B star Cee Lo Green, join them on-stage Tuesday night (June 14) to sing on their classic 1990 break-up hit 'Girl Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).'

Green threw a bit of his own kiss-off song, the (c'mon, admit it) awesome 'F--- You,' into the performance as well. He then led the Crue's hometown Los Angeles audience in a 'Crue! Crue! Crue!' chant while lead singer Vince Neil kinda-sorta played the guitar, as he does on this song quite frequently in concert.

(Look, we hate to pick on Neil, who we truly do love, since our teenage years, but let's get it all out in the open: he can't sing very well live anymore. Just get a "hype man," buddy, like the rappers do, to carry the missing notes - nobody will think any less of you. )

The impressively media-savvy Nikki Sixx later posted a photo on twitter of himself with Cee Lo, who's known to have excellent, diverse taste in music and a fondness for costumes, much like Sixx himself.

Surprisingly, considering that he recently rode a piano through a full mid-air flip on the Billboard Music Awards, Green was not chosen as the night's guest co-pilot for Tommy Lee's rollercoaster drum solo.

Watch Motley Crue  and Cee Lo Green Sing 'Don't Go Away Mad' and 'F--- You'