There won't be new Motley Crue music coming in 2013, and there may never be another full-length album from the hard-rockers. Vince Neil says there may be an EP in the band's future, but 2014 is as early as that would surface.

"What I’m hearing is that maybe two or three or four more songs might come out to go with that song ('Sex') we released this year," he tells Music News Nashville, "but it will be something like an EP, not an album. Our schedule seems to have a lot of touring."

The last Motley Crue album came in 2008 with the release of 'Saints of Los Angeles.' The title track became a Top 5 rock hit and a mainstay of their live set. The group continues to be among the most coveted tickets in rock. In March they'll be in Australia with Kiss as a continuation of their joint tour, which visited the United States last summer.