"What a drag it is getting old." So begins the Rolling Stones' 1966 ode to bored, pilled-out housewives. 'Mother's Little Helper' tells a tale not previously tacked in any pop song.

The weariness of everyday life from the minds eye view of the unsung hero, the housewife, who gets a lift in her step via a doctor's scribbled notepad. It might be the only Top 10 hit to include the word overdose.

Musically, the driving acoustic guitar pushes the song along with fervor. The way the electric guitar rushes in after the intro still send chills. Released as a single in July of 1966, it hit the US  top ten. Prime 1966 Stones action here form one of their finest albums, 'Aftermath.'


Hear the Rolling Stones Perform 'Mother's Little Helper'