Usually, when mosh pits make the news, it's for all the wrong reasons. What went down at the Cattle Decapitation concert yesterday, however, proves there's always an exception.

Before we get into the gory details, it definitely bears mentioning that this is a band well outside our regular beat -- but since most rock fans have found themselves in the middle of a little volume-driven concert shoving, and because there was a relatively happy ending to the whole thing, we think it's worth passing the story along.

As reported by NBC's Southern California affiliate, the band's La Habra, Calif., show went awry when a 30-year-old male in the crowd "allegedly got upset after getting pushed around by fellow revelers in a mosh pit, then took out a knife and cut another person on the side of the neck."

Rather than freaking out and fleeing the scene, a group of bystanders decided to help out, and they didn't take any chances -- as the report puts it, "other attendees at the event, which was attended by around 150 people, then ganged up on [the attacker] and knocked him unconscious."

As of this writing, the band hasn't commented publicly on the fracas, but the victim was immediately hospitalized and treated with "non-life threatening injuries" -- as was his attacker, who can expect to face charges of assault with a deadly weapon once he's back on his feet.