Chickenfoot are releasing their sophomore album 'Chickenfoot III' on Sept. 27 and it's rumored that Van Halen, the former band of Chickenfoot singer Sammy Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony, are gearing up for a fall release, as well. But Anthony isn't trying to go mano y mano with his former band on the charts or on the road. In fact, he wishes they could all just get along. Anthony even suggested that Chickenfoot would open for Van Halen if the opportunity ever arose.

"I know people, from the fans and the critics, they'll all be doing the heavy comparison thing and you know what, I'd be lying if I didn't say, 'Yeah, sure I'm interested to hear what a new album, you know, what they got happening,'" Anthony told VH1 Radio Networks. "But I'm very proud of what we've done and I don't mind at all. They can put their album out before, after, or on the same day. They want to go out on tour, we'll open up for them, I don't care."

However, that scenario is highly unlikely. Anthony hasn't had contact with his former bandmates since the end of their 2004 tour. He has also been vocal about the fact that Alex and Eddie Van Halen maintain a vice grip-like hold onto their grudge against him due to his continued professional and personal relationship with Hagar.

Anthony has always been pro-Hagar and he gradually went on the outs with the Van Halen bros. in the late '90s when they first tried to oust Hagar by bringing singer David Lee Roth back, something Anthony did not fully support. The fact that Hagar recruited Anthony for his Planet US project didn't help ease the simmering intraband tensions.

Anthony also maintains that he never quit the band and that Eddie Van Halen considered him a traitor. He has gone on record to say that the main reason that he is no longer a part of the VH rhythm section is became he resurrected his friendship with Hagar. The bassist discussed the matter in our exclusive interview with him about a month ago.

Gentlemen, can't we all just get along?