Metallica’s 'Orion Music + More’ concert promotes diversity by booking an eclectic group of bands to perform during the two day music, arts and lifestyle festival. Taking place on June 23 and 24 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, N.J. the idea of Metallica organizing and headlining their own festival definitely rocks -- but apparently some fans are questioning the alt-centric lineup.

Some of the acts booked; Artic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Gaslight Anthem, Cage The Elephant and A Place To Bury Strangers definitely yield towards the alternative genre versus that of a classic rock or metal genre. Still, heavier acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, The Sword and Liturgy are also scheduled to perform. But with Metallica wearing the hat of the host, the fans are still asking “where’s the beef?” -- because logically, one might expect heavier bands.

During an interview with, Charlie Walker of C3 (the company working with Metallica to put this fest on) makes it clear that diversity was the biggest factor in booking a bill of opener for ‘Orion Music + More.’

“I’m sure some people have a vision of what they think it is because it’s Metallica, but I think they’ll have a different understanding of what it is after they come and see it,” he said. “I think we’ll try and stick with diversity. You’ll see some more hard rock bands; you’ll see some more alternative bands. We’re certainly not consciously trying to lean it hard rock or indie — we’re trying to make it balanced.”

It’s been said that one of the favored parts of these type festivals is the fact that fans have an opportunity to see acts that ordinarily they wouldn’t have seen or bought a ticket to otherwise. In turn, it gives bands larger exposure while allowing fans to explore various genres and multiple types of bands.

Our biggest question about their aim for diversity: how will this audience respond to Roky Erickson? Only time will tell.