You've seen all those commercials asking what you'd do for a Klondike bar -- but what would you do for a Metallica album?

Now that they're out from under the thumb of their label, the band is thinking about new and innovative ways to release their music to fans. And in a recent interview, drummer Lars Ulrich had some creative ideas:

We're writing music and we're going to be recording very soon. At some point we're going to want to share that with people that are interested in listening to it. So we gotta figure out ways we want to do that, from giving it away in cereal boxes to getting people to do handstands for it. We could come up with something wacky.

And while finding a Metallica album in your box of Frosted Flakes sounds like a lot more fun than rooting out yet another magic decoder ring, Ulrich says they won't go overboard:

We have fans in India and the [United Arab Emirates] and Russia. In a lot of these places there are still more conventional ways of getting music to people. We're not just selling Metallica music to people in Los Angeles, New York, and London. We have to think of the whole globe to try to find the right balance.

However they get it out there, this will be the band's first album without the backing of a major label since last year's release of 'Lulu,' their collaboration with recent birthday boy Lou Reed.

Metallica are also currently hard at work prepping for their upcoming Orion festival, which is set to take place in Atlantic City, N.J. on Jun. 23 and 24.