One Metallica fan who bought a Zorlac Skateboard designed by artist Pushead is probably feeling pretty good about the bargain he got. The board, on sale through Ebay, was offered with free shipping if bidding topped $1000, but there was no need for that, as the lucky winner scored the sweet ride for "just" $590.

One wonders what he'll do with it however, as skateboarding is an uncomfortable way to commute to work, and anyone with an extra $600 to spend on band swag is no doubt doing well enough to afford motorized transportation. According to the seller's post, Art of Skateboarding -- a skateboard collector's blog -- gave the board its highest rarity rating. They also say that while similar boards exist, he's found none with this exact coloring on a green board.

Pushead is the artist responsible for Metallica's 'St. Anger' cover in 2003, as well as many other album interior illustrations and t-shirt designs. He's also worked on projects for The Misfits and Travis Barker. There are a dozen other Pushead/Metallica skateboards available on Ebay, including some that claim to be official Metallica merchandise.

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