In anticipation of next week's Metallica-led 'Big Four' show at Yankee Stadium in New York City, one metalcentric website has put together a list that will likely not be found on any of the band's official merchandise. That's because sends a couple of brushback pitches in the direction of James Hetfield and his bandmates with their 15 Reasons Metallica are the Yankees of Metal list.

While a few items on the list are good natured -- No. 6: Comparing James Hetfield's early '90s facial hair to former Yankees pitcher Catfish Hunter -- others take some pretty good swipes at Metallica. Like No. 15: "Both had classic and storied beginnings but are now concerned only with making Benjamins." Or No. 3: "Both have one whipping boy who receives the ire of all fans no matter what (A-Rod = Kirk Hammett)."

Perhaps the most accurate comparisons take a jab a both franchises door prices. No. 12 states that both "Believe in charging even the poorest of their fans $90 for a ticket and $40 for a t-shirt." By the way, tickets for the Sept. 14 'Big Four' show are still available, beginning at $94.50 (before fees) and going up to $229.50.