Starting next week, Metallica fans will be able to play a customized version of Monopoly featuring their heroes. James Hetfield and company may never be merchandise whores on the level of Kiss, but this is a step in the right (wrong?) direction.

The heavy metal kingpins join the above-mentioned masked marvels, as well as legendary classic rockers the Beatles and Rolling Stones, in having their own version of the popular board game.

You can see the cover art above; note that drummer Lars Ulrich has morphed into the angry version of the young comic strip hero from Calvin and Hobbes. No details about what the street names will be, or what the game pieces will look like, but the video tour of the Kiss-Opoly game below might give us some idea of what to expect.

The game will be available from Metallica's official store. The only thing we wonder is: How can true Metallica fans possibly sit still long enough to roll dice and move pieces on a board while 'Battery' or 'Sad But True' is blasting in their living room?

Watch a Video Review of the Kiss-Opoly Board Game