Sometimes it's like pulling teeth getting details on upcoming new albums from rock stars, but we have a release date (Nov. 1) for that Metallica /Lou Reed collaboration, and also some cool new behind-the-scenes photos from their Facebook page.

Their official website (apparently, Lou won the coin toss on that one) launched a few days ago with the first picture of the five-some that our sister site Loudwire recently dubbed 'MetaLouca.' Actually, as we're thinking about it, what about 'Loutallica?'

There's still no music to be heard, and no concrete details such as an album name, but at least we now know for sure that the musical results of the Metallica/Reed union will be released on November 1 in the U.S. and one day earlier, October 31, in the rest of the world.

Reed has been quoted as calling the results of this unlikely pairing "awe-inspiring," and considering all the cool things he's been a part of, that's enough to get us more curious than we already were to hear this album.