We've already seen what Lou Reed & Metallica's 'Lulu' looks like, thanks to the recently revealed cover art. Now, we know are finding out what exactly 'Lulu' is made of, as the group have issued the track listing for their forthcoming, epic collaborative effort, which lands on Nov. 1.

The project -- 'Loutallica,' if you will --  was first born after Reed and Metallica performed together at the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert. The resulting album is 10 songs strong, and as usual for Metallica, doesn't skip on length. Most songs hover at the six-minute and over mark; album closer 'Junior Dad' clocks in at nearly 20 minutes. Clearly, Lou Reed and Metallica are taking their time when making their musical point on 'Lulu.' We were already curious about this pairing; now we're dying to know/hear more from Loutallica.

Overall, though, it's highly likely that this is going to be good, Metallica and Lou Reed fans. With curiosity arousing artwork -- why is Lulu armless, heavily made up and so scrappy looking? -- and a track listing full of long songs that are sure to be complex, Christmas is coming a few weeks early for rock fanatics.

Lou Reed & Metallica 'Lulu' Full Track Listing:

'Brandenburg Gate' (4:19)
'The View' (5:17)
'Pumping Blood' (7:24)
'Mistress Dread' (6:52)
'Iced Honey' (4:36)
'Cheat On Me' (11:26)
'Frustration' (8:33)
'Little Dog' (8:01)
'Dragon' (11:08)
'Junior Dad' (19:28)