Lars Ulrich puking in your dressing room? That's a rock star's "rock star moment." And that's just what happened to Guns N' Roses' Tommy Stinson. The bassist recently recounted the time when Metallica's rhythm keeper tossed his cookies in front of him backstage. It's one of many such memorable (if not really breakfast-compatible) stories the rock veteran has accumulated over his long and storied career.

Metallica's reputation for partying is the stuff of legends in rock lore and Stinson, who cut his teeth as a member of revered Minneapolis band The Replacements, reminded us of that fact in a recent chat with Spin.

When asked if the indie rock scene or if the hard rock scene has a wilder backstage ethos when it comes to partying, Stinson conceded that on tours with R.E.M. and punk bank X, the Replacements "got hammered with those guys pretty good."

But nothing compares to what happened while on the road with GN'R, namely an incident involving Ulrich and Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach. Now here's where it gets interesting:

Stinson said, "With Guns, I've played with Metallica. Lars Ulrich vomiting in your dressing room, that's pretty nasty. Him taking one shot more than he should have, then having Sebastian Bach singing, 'Exit Lars! Exit Laaaaars!' (apparently to the tune of 'Enter Sandman') as his assistant is carrying him out of the building. But that's a whole other story."

Looks like even a master skinsman like Lars Ulrich has trouble holding his liquor every now and again.  Maybe he can learn something from elder statesman Lou Reed, who will be teaming up with Metallica for a collaborative album that the whole rock world is very curious to hear.

In more palatable Stinson news, he will release his new solo album, 'One Man Mutiny,' on Aug. 30 via his own Done to Death Music record label. You can download the title track for free on his official website.