Metallica have been voted the best rock group of the last 30 years in a poll compiled by British magazine Kerrang!

When given the news, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich responded: "It gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling that Kerrang! Magazine have voted Metallica as the band that most changed their lives. I remember the first issue of the magazine in 1981. I had made a pilgrimage to England because I was obsessed with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. I traveled all over the country and that first issue accompanied me everywhere."

Lars also honored Iron Maiden, who came in at No. 3 on the list, saying "Iron Maiden have been the blueprint for everything that we have ever wanted to do."

Ozzy Osbourne is No. 9 on the list, which this write-up from the mag: “That Ozzy is even alive today is enough to warrant his inclusion on the list, so herculean has his drug and alcohol intake been over the years.”

In more Ozzy news, Ozzy's bass players recently opened up about their time with the metal icon.

The 10 Most Influential Bands of the Past 30 Years, as Presented by Kerrang!:

1. Metallica
2. Green Day
3. Iron Maiden
4. Slipknot
5. My Chemical Romance
6. Linkin Park
7. Bullet for my Valentine
8. Blink 182
9. Ozzy Osbourne
10. Foo Fighters

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