Watching a group of eight and 10-year-olds rock classic songs like 'Sweet Child o' Mine' and 'Enter Sandman' gives one hope for the rock and roll future of America. Or, it could cause feelings of resentment. After all, how can a song that we've been practicing since 1991 look so much easier in the tiny hands of a third grader?

The Mini Band could only look cuter if they dressed like the rock stars they're trying to imitate. Sure, the guitar work isn't flawless, but eight-year-old Zoe Thompson laces through Slash's solo like she wrote it. Not pictured is 10-year-old bassist Archie Zolotuhin. As explained in the description of the following video for the Guns N' Roses' hit, he found a chair and chose to play his part sitting down. If Duff McKagen ever pulled a stunt like that it was only because Axl Rose ticked him off.

The Mini Band's Metallica cover is more convincing; one commenter even thought 10-year-old Charlie Emmons was twice the drummer of Lars Ulrich. While we won't go that far, we do have to admit the kid can bang the skins. Find more from the kids on their Facebook page.

Watch The Mini Band Perform Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'
Watch The Mini Band Perform 'Sweet Child o' Mine'