Metallica are one of the most dependable live bands on the planet, touring at a breakneck pace and rarely if ever missing a gig. But it's good to know that comedian / musician Bill Bailey is ready to fill in if the metal legends ever need to skip a show.

Now, granted, we missed this video when it first came out last year, but maybe some of you did as well, and if so, trust us it's worth a look. It seems Bailey was set to perform at the 2011 U.K. Sonisphere Festival, as were James Hetfield and company. As this promotional video shows, Bailey had worked up quite a unique version of Metallica's 1991 smash 'Enter Sandman' in case of emergency.

As his band starts playing the song's famous opening riffs, Bailey promises fans that "If Metallica can't make it for any reason, if Lars isn't there... we're ready!" The music escalates, with our wild-haired host getting ready for some serious headbanging... and then the camera pulls out to reveal his musical instrument of choice.

Yes, Bailey takes on the song's main, grooving and sinister riff with what looks like a six-foot long rack of bicycle horns. If this is some legitimate instrument we don't know about, by all means please educate us -- our neighbor's been letting his dog out way too early in the morning, and we're eager for some late-night revenge!

Watch Bill Bailey Perform Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'