Not to be outdone by the Foo Fighters' recent weeklong stay at the 'Late Show With David Letterman,' Metallica have booked an entire week on 'The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' in mid-November.

"We're excited to celebrate Craig Ferguson's final season on CBS, as he has personally invited us to join him for an entire week of performances, starting Monday, Nov. 17th," the band wrote on its website. "We'll be playing every night that week, and on the first night (Monday), we'll sit down with Craig to chat about all things 'Tallica."

The group is encouraging members of its official fan club, Met Club, to "log in for information about how they can be a guest in the studio audience during the filming of the show in Los Angeles."

While Metallica celebrate the Blu-ray release of their 2004 documentary 'Some Kind of Monster' on Nov. 24 -- the week after their appearance; you didn't think they were showing up without something to sell, did you? -- Ferguson is prepping for his exit from 'The Late Late Show,' which he's hosted for the past decade, at the end of the year.

Metallica also have something lined up for Black Friday Record Store Day on Nov. 28: a limited-edition 12-inch ‘Lords of Summer’ vinyl featuring a previously unreleased version of a new song they debuted in concert earlier this year. After that, maybe they'll get back to work on that long-awaited album we've been waiting for.

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