Poor Meat Loaf. The 63-year-old 'Bat Out of Hell' singer, who is truly struggling in this oppressive heat, has fainted during a performance for the second time in a week. A mere three days after passing out at a concert in Pittsburgh, the singer, born Marvin Lee Aday, fainted at a show in New Jersey. This time was worse, as Meat had to be hooked up to an oxygen machine, according to TMZ.

The singer suffers from asthma and that, coupled with the suffocating heat and humidity on the East Coast, compounded his breathing issues. We gotta give the larger-than-life singer credit, though. He has not canceled any shows because of the heat. Instead, he goes out there and performs like a trooper, regardless of how wiped out he is by the time he's belted out his last note. That is called professionalism.

Meat, who showed off his emotional, fiery and angry side after being provoked by the always entertaining Gary Busey during his stint on 'Celebrity Apprentice' earlier this year, was performing at the New Jersey Balloon Festival on Sunday, July 31 and promptly collapsed after wrapping his set. He asked for oxygen, inhaled for about 10 minutes and was finally able to catch his breath. Luckily, he did not require any further medical attention -- looks like the oxygen tank did the trick.

Perhaps he should consider huffing on oxygen before, during and after his sets while the weather is this brutal*. Whatever the case, we hope that the heat subsides so that Meat Loaf can continue to perform without incident. Feel better soon, big guy!

(* = Editor's note: the Ultimate Classic Rock staff are NOT trained medical professionals.)

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