It may not rhyme with many particularly poetic-sounding words, but that hasn't kept the name Maggie from popping up in rock songs from time to time, and we're pitting two of the best against each other in this edition of Clash of the Titans. You know what that means: It's time to settle the score between Bob Dylan's 'Maggie's Farm' and Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May.'

Dylan's 'Maggie' arrived first, released as part of his 'Bringing It All Back Home' album in 1965, and quickly earned its place in rock history by virtue of its inclusion in his controversial electric set during that year's Newport Folk Festival. "The introduction was made, the lights came up and 'Maggie's Farm' blasted out into the night," wrote Newport production manager Joe Boyd later. "In 1965, it was probably the loudest thing anyone in the audience had ever heard."

'Maggie May,' meanwhile, reached listeners six years later, a huge hit single from Stewart's 'Every Picture Tells a Story' solo LP. As Stewart later confessed, the song "was more or less a true story, about the first woman I had sex with, at the Beaulieu Jazz Festival. It nearly got left off because the label said it didn't have a melody. I said, 'Well, we've run out of time now, these are all the tracks we've recorded.' They said, 'All right, then, bring it on.'" The song's title was based more on convenience than fact, however; in the video below, Stewart admits he doesn't really remember the woman's name, and turned to a traditional folk song about a Liverpool prostitute.

So which rock 'n' roll 'Maggie' gets your vote in this Clash of the Titans match-up? Check them both out below, and remember: you can cast a ballot once an hour between now and when voting ends on Sunday, Oct. 12, at 11:59PM ET.

Listen to Bob Dylan's 'Maggie's Farm'

Listen to Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May'