'America's Got Talent' … Or does it? After Lys Anges' performance, we're not so sure. The Denver, Colo. native took the NBC stage among nine other hopeful acts, but she didn't bring her 'A' game, according to the judges. In our opinion, she delivered an abysmal performance of the Aerosmith classic, 'Dream On.'

No one likes to see the oldies butchered, and that's why some people should never touch them. Agnes, in her flapper-inspired dress, gave an Opera-inspired version, and from the get-go, judge Sharon Osbourne said she had mistaken her for Cher, though we're not positive she wasn't being facetious.

Agnes told the NBC audience that the biggest thing she is learning is "not to be afraid," as was evident by her painted cat eyes and protruding eyelash extensions. While she did give a powerful delivery, something about her pitch was just a little … Off. She ended on an impossibly high note -- literally -- but this isn’t a compliment. It was really bad.

Shockingly, Piers Morgan said he "felt moved by that performance" and he didn't man to the toilet. He even encouraged the American public to support her. Osbourne, on the other hand, criticized the way she turned Steven Tyler's iconic high tone into a low register, and agreed that she bombed the last note. She did offer one compliment, which was that "At the beginning of the song, I thought I was listening to Cher." Given, we have no idea how she feels about the 'Believe' hitmaker.

Howie Mandel said it best when he told Agnes that she was "too big a risk," and when it comes to choosing the Top 4 finalists, we sincerely hope that America will agree.

Watch Lys Agnes Perform 'Dream On' on 'America's Got Talent'