In what might be one of the best ideas that we've heard in the past five minutes, Lynyrd Skynyrd is bringing a new 'Saturday Night Special' to Vegas with their new restaurant, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Barbeque and Beer.

Skynyrd singer Johnny Van Zant told VH-1 Classic that part of the new eatery will be based on the band's old practice shack, nicknamed the 'Hell House.' Located in Green Cove Springs, Fla., the space was the birthing area that helped to brew the eventual success of the band. Van Zant said that the new restaurant will also feature band memorabilia from over their career, and that Skynyrd will play the joint at least a couple of times each year.

What we're most excited about is the huge potential for what might be on the menu.  Sure, they've already let us know to expect BBQ and beer, but we have some additional ideas beyond the usual pulled pork, Texas toast, side dishes and other fixins'.

In our proposed menu, you'll see 'Rossington's Ribs' from Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington, beverages including 'T(ea) for Texas,' and, if there was a buffet, 'second helpings' definitely would be encouraged.  We'll also go ahead and incorporate part of Skynyrd's family tree to offer up the '.38 Special Barbeque Sauce,' a unique blend that we learned how to make from Mama Van Zant.  It tastes great on everything, including burgers and of course, our signature 'Freebird Fries!'

At press time, we weren't able to confirm whether our list of suggestions had made it to the band, but Van Zant says that the new restaurant "ought to be a neat thing" and we agree with that. As long as you don't expect 'nuthin' fancy,' it should be a lot of fun!

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