Lou Reed & Metallica have released an extremely artistic video trailer for their upcoming collaborative album 'Lulu,' and while it doesn't offer any new music, it does provide some pretty trippy eye candy.

Ink and blood splotches float all over the screen during the ninety seven clip, as text declaring the project "the alliance of the year" between "two musical giants" pops up periodically. The clip also seems to promise that themes ranging from jealousy, greed, anger and hope, among others, will be tackled within the "10 massive tracks" on the record, which hits stores Nov. 1 in a variety of packaging options.

The backing music for all this is the track we've already heard from the record, 'The View' -- and no, not the fan-created version that removes Reed's debate-starting, half-spoken lyrics in favor of a Metallica-only blast of metal energy. We keep listening, and the pieces just don't seem to fit, but we're still curious to hear more, how about you?

Watch Lou Reed & Metallica's 'Lulu' Trailer