Musicians like Lou Reed are seeing to it that the Occupy Wall Street movement has appropriate entertainment to keep demonstrative fires burning as less cooperative weather inches closer. His name is amongst the dozens at, a website that will help facilitate performances at protests sites.

Occupy Musicians follows in the footsteps of Occupy Writers, Occupy Filmmakers and Occupy Comics. Essentially each is a virtual gathering place to to allow creative minds to plan support measures for the Occupy movement protesters. Occupy Musicians launched on Monday and thus far Lou Reed and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello are the biggest acts to sign up.

Anyone in the music industry can be a part of Occupy Musicians. Sound engineers, producers, DJ's, instrumentalists and composers are all welcome. The current roster features quite a cultural mix, with artists hailing from America, Brussels, England and Ireland thus far.

Reed's participation in the Occupy Musicians movement may crack the door open for any government group looking to clear protesters from Zuccotti Park. If only they could somehow convince Metallica to join Reed in performing their new album 'Lulu' live for protesters the movement would crumble. Call it aural tear gas.