Rumors have recently surfaced about the possibility of a Foreigner reunion between Mick Jones and Lou Gramm. However, they were quickly quashed by Gramm. In fact, a new interview with Gramm suggests that the singer is considering retiring, a concept that crosses his mind from time to time.

Speaking to VH1 Radio Network (via Blabbermouth), Gramm said the day when he gives up the road could come "maybe sooner than you think. I have some other interests. I enjoy being in the studio, I still enjoy writing, I may put my efforts into writing songs for other people or into production. I guess those are the outlets for old rock singers when they go out to pasture, you know."

Still, Gramm hasn't fully rejected the idea of touring with Jones again. The duo are set to perform together for the first time in 10 years when they are inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 13. Gramm vaguely suggested that night will determine whether or not he and Jones think it's worth giving it another shot.

"I would just have to see how it goes down, what it entails, how long it would be," he continued. "There's a number of things that would make a difference to me, and I'd just have to take it as it comes, and I'm sure Mick feels the same way. I mean, after all those years you just can't jump into the deep water, you know."