These songs, also from ‘Tracks,’ were so far off the radar that nobody could have predicted their inclusion on any setlists. ‘Lion’s Den,’ performed on April 6 at Madison Square Garden, has only been played three other times, with its last appearance coming in 2000. The soul-tinged song proved to be a good spotlight for the new five-piece horn section and gave an opportunity for saxophonist Ed Manion to have a solo.

The inclusion of ‘Bishop Danced’ on May 2 was such a shock that it warranted a story all its own when it happened. It hadn’t been performed since March 1973, before the E Street Band technically existed, and had never been recorded in the studio (the ‘Tracks’ version was a live take). When introducing the song, Springsteen said that he decided to do it because it was his first time playing Newark’s Prudential Center and wanted to do something that the band had never performed before.

While these would never make anybody’s list of their favorite Springsteen songs, sometimes the combination of the amazed looks from the hardcore fans and the puzzled looks from the casual ones is enough to make a concert moment special.

Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform ‘Bishop Danced’