Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses and Def Leppard are among the bands being summoned to the principal's office for bad spelling or grammar in regards to their band names in a funny report card from PenneyDesign.com.

As the fictional teacher notes, it should be Lead Zeppelin, and if we're speaking proper English, then it's Guns and Roses, none of this "N'" nonsense. Now, far be it from us to out-nerd anybody, but we think we've spotted our own omission within their editing:  if you're going to correct "Def" into "Deaf," shouldn't you go all the way and also turn "Leppard" into "Leopard?"

Classic rockers, as you might imagine, fare rather poorly on this pop quiz, with the Byrds, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Motley Crue and even the otherwise impeachable Beatles all contributing to a flood of red corrective ink.

We can only imagine that the name Lynyrd Skynyrd sent the teacher into fits, although they were able to correctly garner the name of the gym teacher the band mockingly named themselves after all those years ago. As his or her final note states, the bands need to "pay more attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation -- and get a hair cut!"