Three years after their last album, 'In Through the Out Door,' and two following the death of John Bonham, Led Zeppelin released ‘Coda,’ one last testament from a band still in mourning.

Having decided that they couldn't carry on after the loss of their friend and bandmate, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones confirmed their breakup on Dec. 4, 1980, and tried to figure out what direction they would individually take.

The only Led Zeppelin business left was preparing ‘Coda,’ a vault-clearing collection of outtakes stretching from 1970’s ‘Led Zeppelin III’ (‘Poor Tom’) and 1972's ‘Houses of the Holy’ (‘Walter’s Walk’) through 1978’s turbulent ‘In Through the Out Door’ sessions (‘Ozone Baby,’ ‘Darlene,’ ‘Wearing and Tearing’). For the most part, the songs were worthy additions to the band's catalog.

A couple of overdubbed live cuts from 1970 (‘We’re Gonna Groove,’ ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’) and the previously unreleased ‘Bonzo’s Montreaux’ wrapped up Zeppelin’s tribute to their late drummer, as well as their recording career.