Queen and Lady Gaga are both touring in Australia right now, and that serendipitous scheduling helped make a memorable moment for fans in attendance at Queen's Aug. 27 gig in Sydney.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Gaga strolled out onstage as a surprise guest for the night's rendition of 'Another One Bites the Dust,' trading lines with singer Adam Lambert while decked out in "a comical black curly wig, a revealing bejewelled black jumpsuit and lethal-looking stilettos."

As fans of both acts are probably already aware, this wasn't just due to an accident of timing. Gaga has made no secret of her Queen fanhood, crediting their 1984 track 'Radio Ga Ga' with inspiring her stage name and saying, "I adored Freddie Mercury ... Freddie was unique -- one of the biggest personalities in the whole of pop music. He was not only a singer but also a fantastic performer, a man of the theater and someone who constantly transformed himself. In short: a genius."

Lambert echoed her sentiments during the show, telling the crowd, "I'd have no idea what I was doing with this music if it wasn't for the late, great Freddie Mercury."

The night clearly meant a lot to Gaga, as evidenced by her social media activity after the show -- both on Instagram, where she posted several shots, and on Twitter, where she wrote, "I just played with Queen I'm the happiest girl alive!" To see more photos from the show, check out Queen's Facebook page.