New photos of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, featuring her dressed up in glamorous '30s settings and poses, have been revealed on the occasion of her 19th birthday.

Unlike the wilder, shall we say, "dont-give-a-f---" look featured in Hedi Slimane's photos of Bean, which emerged a couple of weeks ago, these pictures, taken by Rocky Schenck, feature Bean all cleaned up and ready for a polo game or a grand ball or something of that order. It marks the first and we'll guess last time we ever use the word "glamorous" in a story headline, although we will point out the young woman is once again smoking.

According to Oh No They Didn't!, Frances is wearing all of her own clothes in this shoot, and she handpicked Schenck for this session because he "is known for doing lush, vintage-inspired portraits of rock icons like The Cramps or Joni Mitchell." (That's a heck of a combo, by the way -- when's that album coming out?)

Bean is rather quietly working in creative fields, hosting an exhibition of her own ink drawings in Los Angeles, singing background vocals on a session for the band Evelyn Eveyln, and for the most part refusing all interview requests. You can see more of the photos from this new session by clicking on the link below.

See More of Rocky Schenck's Photos of Frances Bean Cobain