A proposal to rename a bridge in Kurt Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Wash., has been rejected by the city council in a 10-1 vote. However, a piece of land next to the bridge will be called Kurt Cobain landing.

As we previously reported, there was a proposal in place to rename the Young Street Bridge that spans the Wishkah River after late Nirvana frontman. The bridge was referred to in the Nirvana tune 'Something in the Way' and in the live compilation 'From the Muddy Bands of the Wishkah.'

However, members of the council decided not to rename the bridge during this past Wednesday's vote after an outcry over Cobain's drug use and suicide, as well as a sentiment to leave the old history of the town alone. The compromise was to name a strip of land near the bridge the Kurt Cobain Landing.

In other Nirvana news, details recently emerged on the deluxe 20th anniversary reissue of the band's landmark 1991 album, 'Nevermind.' Click here to read more about the Sept. 27 release.

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