Kiss have unveiled a new tabletop electronic pinball game. Priced at around forty dollars, its the perfect item for the fan who always wanted their own pinball machine from the band but can't or won't lay out thousands for the original '70s full-size edition.

At just 15" by 11", this game will leave plenty of room in your house for Kiss urns or dolls or wines or whatever else you've got from the merchandising pioneers. According to the online store (a highly recommended destination if you're searching for new or vintage Kiss goods, by the way), the new game features "bumpers that light up, with electronic bells and whistles."

Heck, if you had bought one in time, you could be playing it right now on the Kiss Kruise, although we're not sure what the motion of the ocean would do the the machine's playability. It's also affordable enough that any Skid Row fans might want to consider buying one for the band's former frontman, noted Kiss maniac Sebastian Bach, who lost his entire rock memorabilia collection due to Hurricane Irene a few months back.