While Paul Stanley and Kiss are out selling cans of Dr. Pepper, their 1987 hit 'Crazy, Crazy Nights' is doing the heavy lifting for Smirnoff vodka. Commercial artists Big Foote have teamed with singer Sun For Moon on a cover of the song, heard in the video below.

'Crazy, Crazy Nights' isn't amongst the fan favorites in America, although the band has dug it out for recent tours, but the remake is surprisingly charming. Instead of the arena rock feel the band brings to the original -- see the music video below -- the song is turned into an emo-ballad. Sun For Moon ignores all the corniness of 'Crazy, Crazy Nights,' opting instead for a raw and emotional performance.

The song is available as a single on iTunes. It seems to be just a matter of time before the loyal Kiss army merges these two band approved products. Dr. Pepper and Smirnoff? Big Foote Music and Sound are behind some of the more interesting musical commercials on television, including ones for McDonalds and Geico.

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