Kiss have performed their third concert since boarding the Destiny Kruise ship that launched from Miami, Fla., on Thursday (Oct.13). to over 2,500 die-hard fans. Former members of the Kiss Army have now traded posts, leaving their troops to join the ranks of the one and only Kiss Navy.

Opening night found the band unmasked and unplugged, while both shows on Friday (Oct.14) and Saturday (Oct.15) found the band in full make-up and strutting as usual in the 1,500-seat Palladium theater aboard the Destiny.

Due to the small venue the gig went down sans the fire and explosions one has come to associate with Kiss shows, but it was a fair trade-off given the devotees in attendance had the opportunity to see the band in an intimate setting. reported that because of the limited capacity, fans could only attend one of the Friday/Saturday shows but both concerts were simulcast on the ship's deck via massive outdoor screens so that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy both performances. Twenty-two songs were played last night (see the set list below) and more photos and videos from the Kruise can be viewed on the band's official website.

Now that the hottest band on land has found success at sea, it's likely that this will be the first of many Kruises to come. Granted, being an inaugural member of the Kiss Navy may lack some of the appeal that joining the Kiss Army did back in 1975, but if you're not one to get seasick then you have 'Nothin' To Lose.'

Kiss Kruise Koncert Oct. 15 Set List:

1. 'I Stole Your Love'

2. 'Getaway'

3. 'Room Service'

4. 'Two Timer'

5. 'Comin' Home'

6. 'Strutter'

7. 'Nothin' To Lose'

8. 'Love Her All I Can'

9. 'All The Way'

10. 'She'

11. 'Take Me'

12. 'Goin' Blind'

13. 'Parasite'

14. 'Rock Bottom'

15. 'C'mon And Love Me'

16. 'Got To Choose'

17. 'Lick It Up'

18. 'Shout It Out Loud'

19. 'Hard Luck Woman'

20. 'Beth'

21. 'Detroit Rock City'

22. 'Rock and Roll All Nite'