Twenty years to the day of Kiss drummer Eric Carr's untimely passing after a battle with heart cancer, the official Kiss website has been updated with a tribute to the late star. The post features a collage of pictures from Carr's time in Kiss, plus memories of the drummer written by all four current members of Kiss.

"Twenty years ago today, our friend Eric Carr passed away after losing his battle with cancer," begins the tribute on the site."Over the eleven years Eric spent with Kiss, he played over 800 concerts to millions of fans around the world, and he brought joy to and touched the lives of so many people."

Paul Stanley writes: "At a time when Kiss was in the midst of upheaval and turmoil Eric brought calm, and an optimism that refocused our priorities so we could move forward. I can't overstate his contribution to our rebirth. His dedication to his music was only matched by his dedication to his fans. He was a kind soul who couldn't say an unkind word about anyone and I think of him all the time."

Eric Singer adds: "Eric Carr was a beloved member of Kiss for 11 years. His drumming was as powerful as his love and devotion for the fans and remains in the hearts of many to this day."

Tommy Thayer writes: "Eric Carr was a special person and a friend. He would always go out of his way to be friendly and say something nice. I remember the band was mixing Hot in the Shade back in 1989 at Cherokee Studios in LA. HITS was a miss-mash of sorts and everyone was throwing in their two cents on the mix, you know, 'Turn up the guitars, turn up the bass.' I was listening and remember saying to the engineer, 'Where's the drums?' At the end of the night, Eric quietly pulled me aside and said, 'Thanks for mentioning the drums...' He appreciated that.. A good guy."

Gene Simmons concludes: "I never knew anyone more humble in my life. Eric Carr was a kind soul who never said anything bad about anybody. He was also a double threat on drums, and vocals. I miss him."

Posted below that is another tribute to Carr featuring clips of the drummer performing during his 11-year tenure with the band. Visit the site to see all the videos, but you can enjoy one of them below.

Watch Eric Carr singing and drumming on 'Black Diamond' in Australia in 1980: