Plenty of rock groups have been given the reggae treatment, but only Kiss has the honor of receiving it from a Swedish tribute band.

We mark this momentous achievement courtesy of Dressed to Thrill, the four-piece outfit whose latest act of Kiss homage is a reggae version of "I Stole Your Love." For now, this is just a standalone offering, but the group's Facebook page promises "more to come soon."

According to the Dressed to Thrill website, the band came together after two of the members cleaned up during a Kiss trivia event and were asked to do an acoustic set of some of the band's classics. Inspired by the idea, they reached out to some friends, threw together some costumes and put on a real show; four years later, they're the undisputed champions of Swedish Kiss tribute acts.

"All being born in the early '70s, the band grew up with Kiss. This is a childhood dream come true," explains Dressed to Thrill's bio. "To this date, Dressed to Thrill has done several shows in the south of Sweden, Stockholm and Copenhagen. As being originated in Malmö, Sweden, the band is now trying to conquer the rest of the world. They are ready, are you?"

Check out the reggae version of "I Stole Your Love" to find out whether you're ready to be conquered, and after you're finished with that, take a look at this genius reggae version of "Detroit Rock City" that grafts Paul Stanley's vocals onto a completely different backing track.

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