Lookout, Kiss groupies. Gene Simmons' lovely and fierce wife Shannon Tweed is declaring war. Duck and run for cover, but please, take of your "eff me" pumps first. You don't wanna trip and break a nail (or even an ankle).

In a chat with Noisecreep, the wife of the man who claims to have bedded over 3,000 women in his lifetime says she caught onto this seedy activity once 'Family Jewels' began airing: “Believe me, you can’t make this s--- up. These girls are out of their minds. Basically it’s a power game – these are b---es from hell. I never noticed it much before our TV show. You know, you’re living your life and you just don’t notice as much. But when the reality show kicked in, looking at so much of the footage, I started seeing things that were not so cool.”

The "not cool" stuff Tweed is referring to revolves around the difference between a supportive fan and sex-seeking stalker. “You think most of what you hear is just bravado – but then you see it on tape and it is very real and something has to give. The difference, for me, between a fan and a stalker, is that one of them buys your albums, and goes to the shows, and buys the merchandise. That’s the fan. The other one dresses up like a hooker and goes to the shows, doesn’t buy anything, tries to sneak backstage and steal your boyfriend. So we’ve got a problem. This is where we cross paths.”

To combat this unbecoming behavior, she is asking her husband to behave when taking photos with female fans. The image above is okay, because, well, she's his wife. She has requested that he pose politely with ladies who love Kiss, but no more touchy-feely antics.

“I’m trying to encourage him that he can still take pictures with fans -- and even groupies-- without grabbing them or doing other things,” she said. “There’s a happy medium between not taking any pictures at all and taking care of your fans and then being stupid.” It's a fine line, but we think old Gene can walk it. If he messes up, the missus can crack the whip. And we don't mean in the bedroom during role playing, either.

But encouraging Gene to be on his best behavior and to toe the line is not all that Mrs. Simmons is doing to take down the groupies. Along with her daughter Sophie and her sister Tracy, she has created a mobile app called "Shannon Tweed’s Attack of the Groupies," where players use various weapons to prevent the single-minded groupies from getting backstage and thus staging their own attack.

“It’s my way of taking care of business that I know goes on,” she says. “They know who they are. And they’ve had this coming for a while. The characters were my ideas, and Sophie’s, and they are true to form. As far as choice of weapons, we kept it PG this time so kids can play with it, but I’d like to do a more hardcore version of the whole thing down the line.”

That, we'd love to see. Shannon, tell us, does your foot hurt from kicking so much butt?