Whoops! We almost got through the day without talking about a new Kiss business venture! Well, let's fix that -- the masked marvels recently announced they'll be opening their second coffeehouse next year, this one in Las Vegas.

This announcement was made on Saturday, Aug. 13 during a five-year anniversary celebration that took place at the original Kiss Coffehouse location in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Kiss drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Tommy Thayer were on hand to meet, greet and get their caffeine buzz-on with Kiss fans that traveled from all over the globe to attend this monumental event.

The guys signed autographs for more than seven hours (!) and followed it up with an audience Q&A session. Singer stands behind the brand, stating “the coffee is really good,” and those that have tried it are in agreement.

Signature coffee blends such as "French Kiss" vanilla and the best-selling "Rockuccino" kept fans wide-eyed while a Kiss tribute band played live on the corner. The establishment has won local honors as "Best Coffehouse" two years in a row, an accolade that shines as brightly as the store's stage show memorabilia.

Authentic costumes and guitars are also exhibited throughout and, of course, exclusive merchandise such as ceramic Kiss mugs can be purchased to keep your signature "Beth" blend or "Cinnamon Rollover" piping hot. Starbucks beware, there’s a new brand in town, and they aim to rock ‘n’ roll all night and drink coffee every day.

Kiss news of a musical nature broke yesterday, as band founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons revealed some of the song titles from their upcoming album.  From the names revealed, it seems pretty likely the band is secretly working on the long-awaited follow-up to 'Music from the Elder.' (Kidding!)