Meet the newest, meanest bulls on the bull riding circuit. There's Kiss Monster, Kiss Destroyer, Kiss Animalize, Kiss Revenge, Kiss Love Gun and Kiss Psycho Circus. All are trained and eager to buck the top 35 bull riders from the Professional Bull Riders around for years to come.

The rock band Kiss has teamed with the PBR on dual promotions, both beginning May 10 at the PBR Last Cowboy Standing event in Las Vegas, Nev. That's when, according to the band's website, these six bulls will make their entrance for the 26 PBR Built Ford Tough Series events across America. (We're assuming / hoping the bulls' face paint was done via Photoshop. And hey, where's Vinnie?)

In addition, each arena's kiss cam will become the 8-second Kiss cam. Fans will have to hold on to their lovers for eight seconds, the same amount of time a rider must hold onto his bull. Video and images of the kissing couples will then be displayed at the PBR website, and fans can vote for the best or worst kisses while registering to win PBR and Kiss gear.

While the kissing is happening, Kiss band members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer will cheer fans on and provide constructive criticism. The Last Cowboy Standing event will be televised on CBS this Saturday and Sunday (May 11 and 12).

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