A trailer from the upcoming Kiss comic from Archie Comics has been released. The four-part series is called 'Archie Meets Kiss,' where the band teams up with the series' regulars to battle an invasion of monsters and zombies! Monsters and zombies and makeup-wearing rock stars? Prepare for an epic, page turning battle.

The trailer opens like a graphic novel, revealing that Riverdale needs a Halloween protection spell and asking what's the worst that could happen. Cue 'Rock 'n' Roll All Nite' as the graphic novel versions of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley appear on screen. Oh the wonders of modern CGI!

At this point, the Archie Crew and Kiss join forces against the invasion of monsters and zombies. Yeah, yeah, that's cool and badass and all, but we're left with a burning question about the Archie/Kiss mash up. Which beauty will Gene bed? Will it be blonde and wholesome cheerleader Betty or the rich and stylish brunette Veronica? Or will it be both? Perhaps all the adrenaline they muster up while battling the zombies will create some sort of, um, tension?

Find out for yourself, when the comic launches on Nov. 30.

Watch the "Archie Meets Kiss" Trailer