What appears to be poster artwork for the much-discussed but not technically officially announced co-headlining tour from Kiss and Motley Crue was posted on Motley Crue singer Vince Neil's official twitter page last night (March 19).

"Tomorrow!! Tour Dates!" reads Neil's post, in reference to today's expected 5PM ET joint announcement from the bands, who have both featured countdown clocks set to end at that time on their respective sites for the last few days now.

Although Kiss frontman Paul Stanley merely hinted at the news during an interview last week, Neil was much more forthcoming, telling the Las Vegas Sun that both bands would be bringing their full stage sets out on the trek for what he promised would be "one of the biggest tours of the summer, if not the biggest."

Reportedly, the tour will kick off on July 19 (which happens to be this author's birthday -- hint hint, boss!) and last for about three months. Kiss are expected to release their new album 'Monster' prior to that time.

Motley Crue have been working on a new song to be released in conjunction with the tour as well, which according to Nikki Sixx's somehow revolting and awesome description, "has snot dripping off it."