As former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley prepares to unleash his memoirs this fall, he’s sharing more details about the book and memories from his time with the band.

By his own account, Frehley lived such a wild lifestyle during his glory years with Kiss that he figures he “should’ve been dead a dozen times by all rights.”

Now, with former associates helping him get the details right -- because of his own fuzzy timeline of the events -- Ace is ready and gearing up to publish his Kiss-related tell-all, ‘No Regrets: A Rock 'N' Roll Memoir’ on Nov. 1.

In a new conversation, Frehley reflects on his own Kisstory, stating that he although he thinks the band featured serious musicians, many outsiders looked at the band as “clowns." Looking back at how certain things were handled within the band, Ace says he can understand their perspective.

He agrees that his talents were undervalued during his time with Kiss, saying Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley “never wanted to give me the credit that was due” and often tried to “bury the fact” in regards to his accomplishments and contributions.

Frehley says that with or without Kiss, he knew that he was “destined to be a rock star.”

Being sober for five years has given Frehley time to think about how he might have done things differently. He now says that he would have gotten sober earlier, and he also allows that he “probably wouldn’t have quit the band.”

Having also grown smarter from a business standpoint, Frehley says that he would have stood up for necessary confrontations regrading band financial matters -- something he admits he often avoided in his impaired state, which would come to affect his life “dramatically."

Ace is back on the road this summer playing shows, including a special one-off date with Alice Cooper in the Detroit area on Aug. 27.