The mutual admiration society between Kirk Hammett and Michael Schenker continues.

The duo, who recently appeared together on an episode of That Metal Show (and jammed in backstage footage), reunited at Schenker's May 3 gig at the RockBar in San Jose, Calif. As you can see in the fan-shot footage above, Hammett joined Schenker and his band for a pair of songs from Schenker's illustrious past: UFO's "Natural Thing" and Scorpions' "Blackout." Hammett shared his enthusiasm with Twitter followers, calling the event "Fanboy Level: EXTREME."

As Hammett told Guitar World in 2013, he was never the same after hearing UFO's Force It at 15. Listening to the song "Mother Mary," Hammett recalled thinking, "Wow, these guys are just as heavy as Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, Montrose and all the other hard rock stuff that I was listening to before I got into heavy metal. When it got to the guitar solo, I was just blown away by Michael Schenker's tone, phrasing and technique. By the time the second solo came on with the fastest descending lick I'd ever heard, I was totally hooked."

Taking another opportunity to jam with one of his earliest inspirations must have served as a happy distraction for Hammett after having to deal with the embarrassment and frustration of losing a cachet of Metallica riffs that he failed to back up from his phone before it went missing. Fortunately, there were plenty more where those came from, and the group remains roughly a quarter of the way along in preparations for their next LP.

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