Remember the first time you heard Judas Priest's 'Redeemer of Souls'? Pretty awesome experience, huh? But we're betting nobody was recording you to hearing lyrics like "Vengeance comes at high noon" for the first time.

In this new Kids That Rock video from our sister site Loudwire, a bunch of impressionable minds take in, evaluate and then share their feelings on the 2014 Priest song. And we gotta say: Some of them come pretty close to nailing the essence of the song.

"His dad probably took his soul from him a long time ago, and then he killed his dad and now he's the Grim Reaper," says one kid. "I think the redeemer of souls is sleepy," says another.

But our favorite interpretation comes from an antsy preteen boy who says, "He owns a devil dog that costs a dime." And isn't that the great thing about music? Some of us hear lyrics about parent-killing soulless children. And some of us hear words about inexpensive, but probably high-maintenance, pets that would rather be hanging out in hell.

Look out for future classic-rock episodes in the new Kids That Rock series soon.

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