People have been tripping out over Black Sabbath's crushing riffs and trippy lyrics for decades, but most of them have been nowhere near as adorable as this.

In this installment of the Kids That Rock series from our sister site Loudwire, a group of young listeners is asked to share their feelings on camera after listening to Sabbath's "The Wizard" for the first time — and while they all thankfully missed out on the whole "wizard as drug dealer" subtext, they were pretty spot on with some of their impressions.

"He's exactly like Gandalf," says one young respondent who clearly has a psychic link to Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, who has admitted that he partly based the song's title character on the The Lord of the Rings wizard. "Just kind of a cool dude, you know?"

What exactly "The Wizard" looks like is open to some of the panel's widest interpretation — you can keep score of all the different wardrobe accessories the kids think he's sporting in the song — and they seem fairly evenly split over whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. And as for why he doesn't speak? Perhaps, as one kid surmises, "He doesn't like talking to strangers."

It's all a lot of fun to watch, and it might even make you nostalgic for the days when you had nothing but time to sit around poring over lyric sheets and liner notes while trying to figure out what the songs were really all about. Our favorite part of the clip, though, has to be when the kids are asked what they'd ask for if they came across their own dude with magic powers: "My wizard," says one smiling girl, "would get me Chipotle."

Look out for classic-rock episodes in the Kids That Rock series soon.

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