Keith Richards has recently been allowing fans to submit questions for him to answer on his website. The audio answers provide interesting insight into the rocker's ideas and philosophies, and give fans a chance to hear stories by one of the more interesting rock voices.

The most recent topic was sports, specifically "Do you like sports?" It turns out the guitarist enjoys the bat and ball sports, including baseball and the "beautifully tedious" cricket. However he doesn't have a favorite team.

"I've never been anywhere long enough to form an attachment," Richards says, presumably between puffs on a cigarette. "To me it's more interesting (to ask) what band are you interested in rather than what team."

Later he shares that he follows the Queens Park Rangers and Liverpool F.C. of the English Premier League. He also knows a lot about tennis. "Mainly because my parents played tennis and I was dragged every weekend to the court as their ball boy, so I got to know the ins and outs of the game."

The Rolling Stones new greatest hits collection called 'Grrr!' will be in stores on Nov. 12.

Listen to Keith Richards Talk About Sports