Keith Richards didn't think he'd live this long either. In an recent interview the Rolling Stones' guitarist agrees with the New Yorker book reviewer's assessment that he hasn't paid the price for knowing life's every pleasure.

Richards also speaks with pride about "turning into a cartoon." "There's always going to be 'Keef' - you know, the one that closed down the liquor stores because he threatened to dry out," he tells GQ. "The image is a ball and chain, and you've got to live with it. And, yeah, that is part of me. Old Keef. The drug one."

Readers get to see a different side of Richards. Beyond learning that he's aware of and appreciates the jokes at his expense, we see he's a doting grandfather. Although he has trained his grandchildren to empty his ashtray.

His relationship with Mick Jagger is anything but doting. The two are still opposite ends of a stubborn argument. Although it's not as bad as it seems. "Mick and I still talk and are still working together," he shares.

Whether or not this means he'll be allowed to celebrate 50 years with the band remains to be seen. Jagger had previously indicated it wouldn't happen. That doesn't seem like it would phase Richards. he admits he's only been it for himself from the very beginning.

"I do it for me. You know, I'm a selfish son of a b---h."