That Keith Richards is a generous chap. The Rolling Stones guitarist came to the assistance of Angel Radio, a classic radio station on the Isle of Wight, which is an island located in the English channel. The station's equipment was struck by lightning, which hindered its operations, so Richards opened his wallet and donated £3,000, which translates to almost $5000 in American currency.

Apparently, a lightning bolt knocked out the transmitter of the niche community station, which only broadcasts music that was released before 1969. So the station is broadcasting a healthy amount of the Stones' catalog.

Richards cut a check to help cover repair costs but station director Bev Webster was befuddled upon receiving the funds, admitting to the Sun that they all thought it was "a joke" at first. However, thanks to the work of a crafty accountant, the check was proven to be authentic. Webster sent off a note of thanks and admitted that it "is so exciting to think he might be a fan."

A rep for Richards did confirm the donation, but elected not to comment further. Props to Richards for doing such a good deed for a station that relies on donations to continue running.