Let the street fighting begin! It's business as usual in Rolling Stones land. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Keith Richards took some jabs at his musical mate of 50 years, Mick Jagger, by comparing him to a notoriously temperamental opera singer. "It's like working with Maria Callas," Richards quipped of working with Jagger. "The diva is right and we've got to try and put music together without annoying the diva. If the diva gets too annoyed, then I get p---ed off!"

Not unlike the in-fighting of the mid 80's when Mick and Keith never seemed to be on the same page, this has been an ongoing scenario. Keith recently spoke of the his plans to meet up next month in a London studio with Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts "to play a little together just to touch bases." He added: "Mick's welcome, and I'm sure he'll turn up."

But Jagger's attitude seems miles away. "We don't really get together that much as a group," he told The Guardian.

Richards sums it up like this: "Do you think when we get together we're all like happy families? Forget about it. We've been fighting cats and dogs all our career. We're like brothers in that sometimes we love each other and sometimes we hate each other and sometimes we don't even care. I've been playing guitar, watching that bum [dance in front of me] for years."

Say what they want, argue till they're blue in the face, Mick and Keith are together till death do they part -- and we wouldn't want it any other way!