Former President Bill Clinton and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards were photographed leaving a New York restaurant side-by-side Tuesday night (June 7), after the two dined together as part of a charity dinner.

The big night out at the upscale Manhattan restaurant Craft came as the result of a charity auction. Multimillionaire real-estate mogul Steve Bing placed the winning bid, earning himself the right to accompany the former president at a group dinner.

The dinner party also included Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, and around a dozen others. They were served a special meal cooked by a few celebrity chefs, including Mario Batali.

"They were all sitting around a long table at the back of the room," said an eyewitness, according to the New York Post. "Mr. Clinton was sitting opposite Mr. Richards, and they seemed to be getting along really well."

It's unclear what the ex-prez and the rock star talked about, but perhaps Clinton asked Richards if the Stones needed a sax player.