With words that could never, ever create headlines around the globe, Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's manager, compared his famous client to Bob Dylan. But shortly thereafter, Braun clarified his position.

This all started yesterday when Billboard posted a conversation they had with Braun and two of his clients who are stars of electronic dance music (EDM). Billboard asked about Bieber's involvement on a track by Jack U -- a bit of a departure from his typical sound -- and a guest appearance at the EDM-heavy Ultra Music Festival. Braun said, "It’s like Bob Dylan: He pissed people off, but whenever he switched, he reinvented himself in a way that made him who he is today."

Braun must have realized his misstep because, within a few hours of the article going live, he tweeted an explanation. Saying, "Thanks to social media, we can always speak for ourselves," he then put his words into the context in which he intended.

"The comparison I made was regarding the risk Bob Dylan took by going outside of his career's comfort zone and not being afraid of that change," he continued. "Dylan's greatness and boldness in going electric is an example of how going against the grain can become one of your biggest and defining moments [...] It was nothing beyond that. Isn't that what great men are for? [...] I have no regrets in mentioning Dylan...as I'm a fan...have studied his history...and have not only loved his music but have gained confidence and knoweldge from his journey as a man and as a musician."

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